Daegyu Lim a Ph.D. Candidate at SNU in Robotics & ML


  • I will participate in the CWBB workshop, Humamoids 2023, Austin! Let’s meet and talk about the development of safe humanoids.
  • Our paper has been accepted in IROS 2023. I will attend the conference and present the paper in person! (Proprioceptive External Torque Learning for Floating Base Robot and its Applications to Humanoid Locomotion).
  • Team SNU got 8th rank in the AVATAR XPRIZE FINALS!
  • Our paper is presented in IROS 2022 (Humanoid Balance Control using Centroidal Angular Momentum based on Hierarchical Quadratic Programming).
  • ANA AVATAR XPRIZE FINALS is coming soon! 2022 Nov. 1 - Nov. 6 in Long Beach Convention Center, LA, USA.