Daegyu Lim a Ph.D. Candidate at SNU in Robotics & ML

Proprioceptive External Torque Learning for Floating Base Robot and its Applications to Humanoid Locomotion

Daegyu Lim, Myeong-Ju Kim, Junhyeok Cha, Donghyeon Kim, Jaeheung Park

IROS 2023



The estimation of external joint torque and contact wrench is essential for achieving stable locomotion of humanoids and safety-oriented robots. Although the contact wrench on the foot of humanoids can be measured using a force-torque sensor (FTS), FTS increases the cost, inertia, complexity, and failure possibility of the system. This paper introduces a method for learning external joint torque solely using proprioceptive sensors (encoders and IMUs) for a floating base robot. For learning, the GRU network is used and random walking data is collected. Real robot experiments demonstrate that the network can estimate the external torque and contact wrench with significantly smaller errors compared to the model-based method, momentum observer (MOB) with friction modeling. The study also validates that the estimated contact wrench can be utilized for zero moment point (ZMP) feedback control, enabling stable walking. Moreover, even when the robot’s feet and the inertia of the upper body are changed, the trained network shows consistent performance with a model based calibration. This result demonstrates the possibility of removing FTS on the robot, which reduces the disadvantages of hardware sensors.

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